Monday, March 11, 2013

And So It Begins

Before we begin, allow me to say hello. Hello intellectuals with something to say but no one to say it to, hello time traveling aliens who may be reading this in the future (or should I say past?), hello moody adolescents with no one to understand them, hello zombies who have somehow grasped the use of electronics, hello backwards politicians who use people like me as an example of the decline of society, and hello to anyone (or anything) who may read this. Dear readers, be you politician, poet, zombie-alien hybrid, dog, cat, robot, land-shark, or ordinary guy, I welcome you most sincerely to my blog. Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself and the surroundings that fuel my nonsense.

You can call me Jane, Jane Doe. I live in a small, rural, ass backwards town. Just south of an over-the-top switch to industrialism I can only call pathetic(you'll never compete with new york damn you!). I live in a small, gay hating, republican ruled, racist, ass backwards town. Ironically home to many famous rappers, who rap about god knows what, I couldn't tell you because I don't really listen to rap. Perhaps about how ass backwards their home town is. I really, truly, cannot stress how corrupt, biased, and in short ASS BACKWARDS this place really is, aside from proposing the idea that "Cut your hair and get a job you filthy liberal" could well have been coined here. In other words, if you'll excuse the pun (or don't, it's your call) I live in a red state, and it makes me blue.

I may not be the most well educated person around, I think what I think and I know what I know, to put it simply. I'm in no means stupid or incompetent, honestly I am just a very passionate person with not much to be passionate about at the moment aside from apathy. I've tried taking the highroad and supporting the causes I believe in, but trust me, where I'm from you may as well be proclaiming yourself a witch just perfect for burning. In other words, these days I just try to lay low, holding my breath when they toss me in the stream until they leave, emptying the stones from my pockets and returning to my town under a new alias time and time again. If something sparks my interest I research it, if it doesn't, I don't. That makes me neither the most credible or informed person out there, but I can only tell you the truth as I know it. The truth is this, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people like me out there hiding because they are in the wrong place, the wrong time, or are even the wrong gender or race to have any influence. I can't speak for them, but I can try to give that collective a small voice, and since this is a blog it doesn't even have to be my own. You can imagine a deep booming omnipotent voice, or perhaps a British professor's voice, both are likely to be most interesting than mine.

So there you have it, I'm simply an omnipotent British professor struggling to show that there are free thinkers out here in a place where if "queer chasing and beating" could be a sport the citizens would strive to go pro, so that one day time traveling aliens can reflect on this. And that's about all there is to it.